Monday, September 12, 2011

What I Did This Summer

You remember writing those essays at the beginning of the school year? Well, he is the mom version.

This summer we tried to purposely take it easy, tried not to be too busy, and to enjoy the simple life. I told Keith a few months ago that we spend so much a month on our mortgage, yet spent so little time at home. Such as waste! It just didn't make sense. We also renewed our fervor to save money (after replacing our completely dead A/C unit during a heat wave), so simple inexpensive fun was on our agenda this summer. We enjoyed lots of backyard fun using the swing set, trampoline, slip and slide, and kiddie pool. We also did a few other things, such as fishing, a few trips to the big pool in town, and a few trips to Burger King for their indoor play area when it was just too hot to be outside, and camping at the state park.

 My baby trying out the big-kid swing set
 They LOVE to swing
 Cheap entertainment-pouring water on the back porch
 Riding the "camel" that Tyler made. Very creative!
 A friendly game of chase your brother with the water hose
 Watching Dora on Netflix
 Early morning tickle sessions
 Chilling out with our green friends at BK
It wouldn't be summer without the big shades! =D

3 Thoughts from friends:

Nina in Portugal said...

My Kind of Summer!!!! Looks like Fun...and what a fantastic yard the kids have to play in! Praise the Lord! The last picture of the baby in sun glasses is just TOO cute!

Nicole said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. I love that chubby little baby, so sweet. Just wanted to let you know, the trim in my hallway can be a pain to keep clean, but it does wash good. I would just make sure you use a really good paint that can take a lot of little handprint wash downs!

Christine said...

You have a darling family.I love the early morning tickle sweet.

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