Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Feel Like A Proud New Momma =)

The cabinet doors are finally on. Yay!!!

Overall, I am really pleased with the way they look. I was hoping the workers would be able to put the beadboard around the peninsula as well, but they ran out of time so they will be back on Tuesday to finish that. The will also the adding the trim to the upper cabinets and installing the baseboards on Tuesday as well. After that, the kitchen will be about 80% complete. The last few things that we need to finish up are changing out the fluorescent lights, painting the walls, and texturing the ceiling. But those are all relatively minor things.

Can you believe with all the changes we have made in the kitchen, the total for the remodel is still going to be under $4000?? Praise God for that! I am so thankful that my husband already knew how to do much of what needed to be done. What he didn't know, he either learned or got help from men in the church doing. What a tremendous blessing!!!

I am so happy to have this kitchen, which has so much counter space and is so easy to work in. Before we added the peninsula, the only counter space I had was 3 2-foot sections. That is not a lot to work with. But now there is so much room to spread out. I love it! I think I will plan a big welcome home meal for hubby whenever he gets back and invite everybody who has helped us work on the house. =)

We are getting new six panel doors all throughout the house too. I will show you those next week.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and don't forget to set you clocks forward an hour tonight.

4 Thoughts from friends:

Aubrey said...

Um...can I have your kitchen, please?? It is looking great!Can't wait to see the All Done pics.

Chalit said...

Looks great!!

brett said...

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Loved Ever said...

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