Friday, March 12, 2010

Yesterday's Fun

I am sitting in my bedroom with the door shut trying to keep the boys contained. We have workers here working on the kitchen cabinets, and I am trying to stay out of their way.

While I'm waiting, I thought I'd share my little project from yesterday with you.

For some reason, I have trouble tackling one project at a time. Right now we are still in the middle of the kitchen remodel, painting the master bedroom, painting all the trim and doors in the house, and now I have decided to gut the master bathroom.

Yesterday afternoon, I took the boys over to my friends house and then got to work on a few projects around the house.
The first thing I did was make sure everything was in place for the cabinet door installation, then I went to work on the bathroom.
I removed the horrible, nasty, smelly carpet that was in the vanity area. I really don't know why anybody would want carpet in the bathroom. Yuck! The linoleum wasn't any better, so out it came too. And the toilet went with it.
I was quite the sight dragging a commode through the house, down the stairs, and out to the curb. I'm glad today was trash day. I'm sure all my neighbors are glad too. =)
After I picked the boys up, we went to Lowe's to buy replacements for all the stuff I had just destroyed. For about $300 I was able to get tile and all the extra stuff I need for that, as well as a new commode and all the stuff I need for that as well. I am hoping to be able to do the work mostly by myself, but we shall see.
So yeah, fun times! I think once these projects are done, I might take a little break from remodeling.

2 Thoughts from friends:

Logan Family said...

Liz, you are so much more daring than myself. YOu should have asked someone to take a picture of you dragging the toilet

sls said...

just clicked next & came to your blog, & saw you like comments. :) Glod bless you & yours, & good luck with your projects!

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