Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Day in Pictures

Today we:

-hid our lunch from Mommy (Jackson) ;p
-played hopscotch/obstacle course with a birthday banner

-opened the door and let the sunshine in (Heavenly Sunlight!)

-posed for the camera

-played Bob the Builder with Daddy's tools

-partook in a little Sonic happy hour

-dropped off a trunk full of donations to Airmen's Attic

-took a little drive in the country

-ate peanut butter from the jar

Sounds like a fun Wednesday, huh?

5 Thoughts from friends:

Logan Family said...

Fun...Im jealous about the sonic happy hour...u should have got me one =(

Sherry said...

Sounds like a great Wednesday except the hiding lunch part. :D Love Sonic happy hour! We do that occasionally after piano. :D Have a great day!!

chickadeecj said...

wow those were the days,,, peanut butter out of the jar! Yumm :) Glad you had a fun day! :):)

Anonymous said...


Laura said...

We love Sonic.. especially at happy hour! :)

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