Thursday, July 16, 2009

Recent Home Updates

Last week was the two year anniversary of us moving into our house (7/7/07). It's funny that we knew as soon as we looked at this house that it was the one we wanted. We had been looking for a while, and none of the houses we had seen really seemed right. They were either too far from base, too small, too expensive, or something. When this house came on the market, we knew we wanted to see it and came for a tour the next day. The following day is when we put in an offer and it was accepted. So, if you're doing the math---it was only on the market 2 days before it was under contract. I'm sure the sellers were probably more excited than we were. =)

We love this house and it has been great for us. It is really quite a bit more space than we need, but we have enjoyed it. While we knew this was the house we wanted, no doubt, it is funny now to see all the changes we have made since we moved in. We painted the outside, almost all the rooms inside, changed every single light fixture in the house (inside and out), and seemingly endless other projects along the way.

Here are some pictures of our recent changes:

We updated the hardware on the kitchen cabinets from that horrible old antique copper to brushed nickel to match our appliances.



I stained the master bathroom vanity and added hardware.

Before. This is the hall bath, but same style vanity.


My hubby put new laminate tile down in both entryways. We had horrible, ugly, beat up linoleum before.

And hubby painted my front door red. I love red doors!

After one coat. I was starting to worry. It didn't look too good at this point.

Ahhhh, there we go. That's better. =)

We still have a huge list of things we'd like to do. Maybe one day I'll share that list with you. For now, even the thought of typing it out makes my fingers hurt. =)

6 Thoughts from friends:

Anonymous said...

I love your makevoers. My neighbors have the exact same laminate. It looks great. I am envious of that red door.

Pam--in Estonia said...

I like the new hardware on your cabinets and you did a good job staining the bathroom vanity. I love the red door too.... not sure if my husband would ever go for it, but they've always caught my eye.
What other projects do you have in mind to do?

jesnicole said...

Cute pictures. I love the red door, red's my color! :)

Logan Family said...

Ooohhlala...I like the cabinets. Has princess destroyed any of your home yet....

Christian Homekeeper said...

Very nice! I love when people share photos of remodel-style work. I saw that you have "air force base" as your location - I was air force and so was my husband. We were stationed in Alaska. ~Bev

Rachel Smith said...

I too am a lover of red doors! They look so bold and inviting!!

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