Sunday, June 07, 2009

Papaw and Nana's Wild West Adventure

Over Memorial Day weekend we were blessed to be able to have my dad and step-mom visit us. We all had such a great time. The boys loved having Papaw and Nana here! Tyler is still talking about sleeping in Papaw and Nana's bed. =) Here are some pictures of our visit.

Getting ready to go to the airport.
Eating at our favorite restaurant-Charley's Mennonite Buffet. If you are ever within 100 miles of Lincoln, MO you should go. Seriously. It's that good! The first pictures are of us waiting to get in. The doors open at 4:30 and there is always a line around the building, but it moves very quickly once the doors open.

This is a picture of the sign they had that said "All of our food is fat free! We charge for the food; the fat is free."=)

We visited the Amish community in Windsor, MO.

We visited historic Warsaw, MO.

We played at the park.

We went to Cabelas.

Saying goodbye at the airport. That was hard!

We had a great visit and can't wait to see you all again!!

3 Thoughts from friends:

Sherry said...

It looks like y'all had fun! :D Great pics! LOVE that sign - LOL!

HOPE said...

Hi Liz... nice to see all the sweet photos of family.

As the "Nana" in our family...I can identify with the other side...of the goodbyes...I leave with full eyes of tears.

My son is going into the Air Force! Maybe you'll meet up one day!


jesnicole said...

How neat to see you guys had a good visit!! Glad you had fun!! :)

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