Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Giveaway Treasures and Paying It Forward

Remember this giveaway that I won? Well, this is what I chose and I love it! I took your advise and mounted it on something so we could take it with us when we move. I love it and can't wait to hang it up. (hint, hint honey)

I also won another giveaway over at By His Grace. She was giving away one of these wonderful candles from Adair Ya. I chose Island Interlude and it smells wonderful!

I promise I do not spend all day entering contests and giveaways. ;D However, I have won a few over the years and have decided it is time to pay it forward. So, here is where I need your help. What would be your favorite thing to win---keeping in mind I'm not rich? Something unique? Handmade? Practical? Giftcards? Let me know. I plan on hosting a giveaway (or maybe 2) later on this week.

3 Thoughts from friends:

Arlene said...

Yay! It turned out so great! :o)

As far as what I'd like to win? Um... yeah, I never win anything... gift cards are always nice. But, then again, so is something handmade/unique. The only problem then is making sure it's something everyone would like :o)

Arlene said...

hahaha, I'm so helpful, huh?!

Hilary said...

Cute blog! Your kids are adorable!

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