Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Maybe I Should Just Call Dave and Ask Him Myself

Do y'all listen to Dave Ramsey? I do when I happen to catch him on. I think he is right on with his financial advice and have learned a lot from listening to him. Our church is offering the Financial Peace University starting in August. We would really like to participate, but I'm just not sure if it would be best for us right now. Ordinarily I would be signed up already, but the class is 13 weeks long and I would probably only get to go to maybe 5 or 6 of the classes before the little one is born. So, I'm wondering if it would be worth it ($100) to go to probably less than half of the classes. What do you think? Should I just call Dave??

5 Thoughts from friends:

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I've never heard of him! But, then again, I've been out of the country for some time now.
Financial freedom is WONDERFUL! But I can't imagine what he'd tell you that would be worth $100 and 13 weeks of your time! My only advice would be to PRAY about it and put the decision in your husband's hands.

liz said...

Pam, I'm surprised you've never heard of him. He has a very popular radio program. Anyway, I was kinda hoping somebody who has already taken the course would tell me what I would be missing. We are debt free (except for our mortgage) and I consider myself at least somewhat financially savvy, so I'm not sure what 13 weeks worth of info would benefit me either. Of course we are praying about it, and ultimately it will be my husband's decision. He just doesn't know either right now. I was hoping some of the die hard Dave Ramsey fans out there could help us. =)

Anonymous said...

No. You should go to the bookstore and by the book financial peace and the work book that goes with it. You get the same info and you will spend 1/4 of the price. I have read the book, it is great. In fact one of my finance classes at TWC used the book as the text.

Laura said...

I have heard of him and he offers sound advice, but I would go with what Shannon said and get the book. There will probably be a bit more in the course but to "financially sound" it wouldn't do to waste the money on something you won't be able to use fully :-)!


*Lisa* said...

so you know that Dave Ramsey is from Maryville right??

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