Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh Yeah! I'm going to have my hands full. =)

My soon-to-be big brother has decided he wants to be a "baby". We have been trying to get things in order for the new little one, which has no doubt evoked a little jealousy. He walks around pointing to himself and says "baby". He insists on sitting in the baby's carseat, bath tub, exersaucer. And the kicker---he asks for a bottle now! The kid has never had a single bottle in his life and now he wants one. Funny stuff.

24 week belly pic

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Becky said...

wow that's kinda funny.... but then i can picture blayne doing the same thing lol....

sorry i didn't get ahold of you....we are in process of getting new phones and our old ones got turned off this morning so I didn't have a phone to call you with when i was out on base earlier. Next week for sure?!?1?

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

He's too cute! My kids do the same thing... they have to try out all the baby's things. It new and exciting!!

You're going to do great. It will be a lot easier than you think it's going to be. :)


Ambrose Family said...

You look beautiful! And so tiny!!!

I wish I looked as great pregnant as you do! I'm so happy for you, and hopefully the regression won't last too long. :)

TulipGirl said...

I just read the most encouraging article about helping our toddlers transition to a new baby. . . (And this mom should know--she has a houseful!)

Rebecca on "Problem Children"

Heather said...

You look fabulous! I LOVE your house!!!

Emily said...

Hi. I am glad you came out of "lurkland" on my blog. It's always a pleasure to meet my "readers".

Congradulations on your pregnancy. You look great. Maggie (my 21 month) old does the same thing. She swings in Emma's swing, bounces in the bouncy seat, and wears the boppy. : ) But she is a great helper too with bringing clean diapers and throwing away dirty diapers. She loves kissing Emma and is always concerned for her when she cries. It's the sweetest thing.

Blessings to you and your growing family

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