Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ask The Audience

I have a really bad habit of starting a book, reading for a while, and then stopping. I usually eventually go back and finish them over time, but honestly I'm not the world's most avid reader. I do enjoy reading, but it just seems to get pushed to the side with all the other day-to-day business that must be taken care of. I am almost finished with Stepping Heavenward which I started months ago. (Sorry Becky, I'll return it soon.)

This is where you lovely people come in. I would like to read one good baby/child training book before the arrival of our next little bundle of joy. So, if you could recommend only one book (other than the Bible) what would it be? I have already read To Train Up A Child, but I can always read it again. What are your favorites???

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*Lisa* said...

*response to your comment- i know but whoever thought I was so crazy? lol

and on books i couldn't tell you, if it isn't Nicholas Sparks I can't quite get through one as right now I am supposed to be reading "7 habits of highly effective people" for work but i can't get past the 2nd page! so good luck with that
love me

*Lisa* said...

oh yeah btw, so I am thinking of trying to make my blog into a recipe swap... what do you think??

Heather said...

My *favorite* is actually a study...it is by Debi Pryde "Precept Upon Precept"-now it is called "Parenting With Wisdom". http://www.ironwood.org/EStore/BookList.htm
There are alot of good books on there. Liz...it is really good, but it isn't really something that can just be picked up and put back down. ((hug))heather

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I had some problems with the comment form, but before it got deleted it looked JUST like Heather's! How funny. I won't bother retyping all of that, but I agree with her. That's the book I would recommend!

Becky said...

Hey it's ok no biggie get it to me when ever you are done. BTW do you have a copy of To Train up a child? I never got to get one when at Maranatha....If you do could I borrow it!??!!?


Laura said...

Liz, I love to read, just never seem to have the time to read what I want anymore. I can tell you about math, science, and ancient Greece though :-)! I wish I had the resources that are available now when my girls were young. My paretns did a good job but I was not raised a Christian so there was some lacking. I think you got some good advice so I am willing to go in another direction. How about Created to be His Help Meet? The best thing you can do for your children is show them how a good wife is supposed to be and they can use that as a guideline for when they are looking for a mate. I always thought I was a pretty good wife but I fall so short of God's mark for that. I was a good wife by the worlds standards, maybe, but I don't want to be good by the worlds standards, only Gods. It is a book I am reading right now and it has opened up a lot to me.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

My book recommendation would be "Raising Great Kids" by Dr's. Cloud and Townsend.

That was one of the three books that Daniel and I shaped our parenting style after. The other two are "Boundaries with Kids" (same authors as above) and "How to make kids mind without losing yours" by Dr. Kevin Lehman. Both of these books are excellent also.

I am a avid reader but time is not on my side right now... :) It's the three small children thing!


Some Small Good said...

Thanks for checking out my runza recipe!

In response to child-rearing books, I love the book "The Christian Parenting Book" by Dr. William Sears. I also enjoy his "The Discipline Book" which is readily available at most libraries. Dr. Sears and his wife raised (and she breastfed) eight children, and he has lots of great wisdom to share about developmental stages and discipline strategies.

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