Thursday, April 10, 2008

Of Babies and Stuff

Warning: Not a post for the men readers...All 1 1/2 of you! :)

So a few posts back I promised to tell you all about what an extra special gift from the Lord this baby is to us. Here we go. But first, I feel like you need some background info for all of this to make sense. Let's start 3 years ago.

My cycles have always been pretty irregular, but have gotten even more so over time. In February of 2005 I had a cycle (I'm sure it had been a while before then, but I just don't remember) and we became pregnant for the first time. I was a little surprised because we weren't really "trying" to get pregnant at the time, but we were very happy. Sadly at about 7 weeks I had a miscarriage. It was a little hard to deal with but we had peace about it and knew that God's will is perfect and He makes no mistakes. It was at this time that we decided that we really were ready to start "trying", and so we did.

We were scheduled to leave Okinawa in October of 2006 and for some reason, I really wanted to have a baby before we left. I knew that meant that I would need to get pregnant no later than December 2005. I had the miscarriage in March and then began the waiting. Months went by and I had no cycle. I had all but given up hope that I would have a baby in Okinawa, and had almost given up on ever having a baby. It was during this time of (not very patiently) waiting that I began seeing my doctor regularly to try to figure out why I wasn't ovulating and why I couldn't get pregnant. Many, many tests were conducted and a few things were ruled out. However, the one possible thing that seemed to be left was a pituitary tumor.

On December 20th, 2005, I finally had a cycle-Praise the Lord! But I was not expecting to get pregnant at this point. From what the doctors were saying, I was more likely to have a brain tumor than a baby. I was scheduled for an MRI on March 21st. The next night around 7:00 the phone rang and it was my doctor. My husband was deployed at the time and suddenly I panicked. "It was way past office hours and if he is calling me this late it can't be good news", I thought to myself. My fears were not lessened any when he asked me if I was alone and then asked me if I was sitting down. Come on doc, out with it! Finally after some brief chit-chat about how the MRI went, he asked me if anyone had ever told me I was pregnant. "Not recently," I told him and he laughed. He the proceeded to tell me that back in January they did a pregnancy test as part of some routine lab work and failed to tell me that I was indeed pregnant. "What? No. There's no way." I was in deep denial and he was deeply apologetic for the mix up. I was scheduled for an ultrasound the next morning. At 10 AM on March 23, I found out I was 13 weeks pregnant with my sweet baby Tyler.

Tyler was born in Okinawa in October. Before we were discharged from the hospital, I wanted another baby. We decided not to wait and immediately started trying for another baby. It would be a long wait. For 15 months after he was born I did not have a cycle. Finally, on December 20th, 2007, exactly 2 years to the day since my last cycle, I started. Keith and I had always said that we would like to have our kids no more than 2 years apart if possible. I knew in my heart that the timing of this was no coincidence. I truly felt that we would get pregnant that month-and we did. Our kids will be 2 years apart, almost to the day. God is so good and we are so blessed!

So, let's recap. In the past 3 years I have only had 3 cycles and got pregnant each time. I know this is a long post and it may even seem insignificant to you if you have never been through it. But, I think it is absolutely amazing to see God working in our lives...especially where our children are concerned!

"Blessed be the name of the Lord from this time forth and for evermore"
Psalm 113:2

4 Thoughts from friends:

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Oh, Liz! I don't think it's insignificant at all.... it's wonderful; and so like our gracious Lord!
I remember when you were trying so hard to get pregnant and so frustrated by the doctors ridiculous claims of PCOS and brain tumors. And how happy we all were for you when you finally received that wonderful news that you were indeed going to have a baby! I'm so thrilled that God is blessing your family with another sweet little bundle of joy!!

Becky said...

It is amazing what God does for us. I hope I have as much success as you have lol only 2 weeks til I find out what the dr thinks is wrong ... keeping my fingers crossed!

Mary said...

Hi Liz - saw your reply to mine on webmd 2nd tri. Love your blog!

Thanks for answering my calorie question. I haven't increased my caloric intake by much at all and I seem to be doing just fine with nursing and growing the little bean. Maybe I was already taking in enough.

Have a happy healthy nine months!

Anonymous said...

gramms is very happy that God has blessed you with another angel for me to spoil!

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