Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Three words you do not want to hear just as your precious baby is about to be given his immunizations. But, such was my day.

Tyler is very behind on his immunizations (on purpose, by the way) and I decided that today would be a good day to get caught up on a few of them. We had just gotten checked in when that loud voice from the sky announced "Exercise, exercise, exercise. This is a tornado warning. All occupants must immediately report to the tornado safe location." The boy and I were quickly ushered down what seemed like 50 flights of stairs into the basement of the clinic where we spent the next half hour shoulder to shoulder with about 400 airmen, and about 99.9% of them were in uniform. Yes, they boy and I were quite noticeable. Oh, it was a fun time. It felt like it was 100 degrees down there, people were sitting on boxes and crates and whatever else they could, and there the boy and I stood. The poor boy was desperately searching for his "Daduh" in the sea of camo and becoming a little irritated when he couldn't find him. Finally some very nice young airman must have noticed the look of despair on my face and went to find me a chair. Bless him! As we sat there, the stress of it all combined with it being nap time became too much for the poor baby to handle. He started desperately trying to nurse and that just couldn't happen. I had no blanket, no space, and absolutely no privacy. I was somehow able to appease him until we got out of there, praise the Lord! What seemed at the time like and eternity later, we were released.

After all that, I sooooo wanted to just leave and forget about the shots today. But I couldn't. I remembered the man from the immunizations clinic still had my ID card. So, he got 3 shots. :(

3 Thoughts from friends:

Anonymous said...
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Becky said...

hey just wanted to let you know thanks for the comment. we will not be at church tomorrow due to something that Justin has to do for ALS school. Things are so crazy with him being gone all week then having to do activites on weekends. It's hard....can't wait til April 3rd when he's done

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Ugg! That sounds awful! I am glad that you were safe though. Poor baby - I hate when stuff like that happens. My heart breaks because they aren't able to understand the why.

Glad you made it through!


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