Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stood Up Again

No, this is not a marital discord story. Fear not! I am however *very* put out with the plumber. He didn't show up again for his appointment. Y'all, I have been without a washing machine since July 6th!! I am so tired of hand-washing entire loads of clothes in the bathtub. It's harder than you might think (especially when you have a little monkey who always thinks it's bathtime). And quite honestly, I'm not very good at it. I suppose I could go back to the laundry mat, but the Frugal Francis in me just won't let me do it. :) (Well, that and I don't really enjoy going.)

So anyway, I called the home warranty people who recommended/directed us to him in the first place to see if someone else could come out. Nope! Sorry. No can do. She did apologize and tried to contact the man for us. He wouldn't answer for her either. I hope he will come tomorrow maybe. But then that means another day Keith will have to take off work so he can be here.

Oh well...
Until next time, I hope all is well with you all. Enjoy what's left of our wonderful summer.

2 Thoughts from friends:

Pam said...

Liz! I feel for you, girl--I'll pray for you! My frugal side would have me scrubbing clothes in the bathtub too! But, look on the bright side -- *You have running water to be able to wash the clothes *With only 3 people, the amount of laundry is fairly small *You're getting a good workout for those arm muscles *And just think of the stories you'll have for your children when they get older -- "I used to have to wash the laundry by HAND!" Hang in there -- this too shall pass!

liz said...

So true! Thank you for the reminder. This has made me more thankful for the modern conveniences I do have.

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