Monday, July 30, 2007

Bean Town Here I Come

I am very excited. This Saturday the Itty-Bitty Boo and I will be flying to Boston to see our long lost friends, the Coon family. Yay!! They left Okinawa exactly one week before Tyler was born, almost to the minute!! So, they've never seen him. And I haven't seen my dear friend Kimberly in what seems like forever. We will be spending a few days there before heading off to Tennessee to see my family for a few days.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to do this. It's really not something that I ever thought would be possible. But God has again graciously provided for our wants as well our needs. I am also thankful for my dear husband who cheerfully allows me to go on these trips. I am one blessed lady!

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6 Thoughts from friends:

Becky said...

That's so cool. I hope you have fun. How long will you be gone this time lol..... I hope to hear something this week about our orders. Give Kim a hug for me and hope you enjoy your time there.

liz said...

I'll be gone about 2 weeks this time. But trust me, this is my last trip for a while. I hope!

Anonymous said...

too bad it isn't a little later closer to September and then you could be here for Tenika's baby shower!
and i hope it isn't your last trip for a while.. :(
love, me

Heather said...

Aaahhhh!! PLEASE give them all a BIG gigantic hug for me *sigh* no fair :)

Heather said...
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liz said...

"Anonymous"-I know who you are!!! LOL! Please remind me about her shower. I need to send her a nice gift.

Heather-I will for sure. You know, K does have a blog on yahoo. I wish she blogged on here. You would believe how big Elisabeth is now.

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