Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mindless Chatter and Some Pictures

Today Tyler and I had some business to attend to in Warrensburg (the nearest thing to civilization in these parts), and since the hubby is not coming home for lunch this week (that's another story) we decided to go exploring. I found a huge, 55,000 sq. ft. antique/junk store. It was 3 stories. I only went on one. I can't explain how much "stuff" there was to look at in this place. I can't wait to take Keith there so we can look at other people's stuff together. :) While I was there, I was able to find a very neat birthday present for my daddy. (Daddy, if you're reading this stop now.) It was a Harper's magazine from May 1887 in near perfect condition. He's somewhat of a history buff, so I think he'll like it.

Now, to the reason that my hubby isn't coming home for lunch...They are on 12 hours shifts right now and aren't allowed to leave their little "area" all day. And, in Air Force speak a 12 hour shift really means 13 to 14 hours. He left at exactly 6 this morning and said he wouldn't be getting off until about 7:30 tonight. Poor guy. But, the silver lining to all this is that he has plenty of time to study for his upcoming promotion test while he's at work. While on that subject, say a little prayer for him concerning his test if you would. I jokingly told him every time he gets a raise, I get a baby! If only it worked that way. :)

The little man and I are partying a little too hard tonight since Daddy isn't here. We're blogging (of course), listening to a Lester Roloff tape (love his preaching), eating popcorn, and drinking Coke. Don't everybody turn green with envy at once now! You can throw your own cool kid party!

Have a super-d-dooper day, y'all!

P.S.-I think it would take a seasoned mathematician to calculate the exact number of fat rolls the Wee Man now has! His body looks like one of those really wrinkly dogs.

2 Thoughts from friends:

Jessica said...

Oh... I LOVE those little rolls! He's a cutie pie! Thanks for visiting my site!

Heather said...

What a precious baby!!!! Yay..for the rolls!!

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