Thursday, March 01, 2007

Know Your Neighbors!

Please visit Family Watchdog to see any registered sex offenders in your area. You can never be too cautious when it comes to protecting your family! I just looked up our town (Knob Noster) and there are 4 registered offenders in the area. This site gives a picture of the individual as well as specific information about them and the crime(s) they committed. Most of these people look like average folks that you would never give a second thought to if you passed them on the street.

Keep in mind that not all offenders in your area may be listed. There is a certain cut-off point where any offenses committed before then are not part of the national registry.

Be sure to check out the safety tips on the website as well. Good information!

2 Thoughts from friends:

Heather said...

Thanks the new look of your blog!! :) Very bright and sunny...very becoming of such a beautiful wife and mommy.

Eva said...

Thanks for the reminder....the state I live in, however, doesn't allow it. Whose rights are we protecting, I wonder...?

I got to your site via the CWO blogring. Your little guy is ADORABLE!

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