Monday, January 31, 2011

It's a Blizzard---and Not the Ice Cream Kind

Over the next few days we are forecasted to get almost 2 feet of snow and ice, and 40 mph winds on top of that. Can you say FUN?? This is one pregnant lady that is not super excited right now. =) We have already had almost two whole weeks of being stuck inside either due to the weather or sickness. Now, with this storm that is coming in I am having visions of being stuck inside for two more weeks without power or human contact.

My kids are about the burst at the seams with all their pent up energy as it is. I can only imagine the "fun" that will ensue if there is no electricity to watch Wall-E or Toy Story for a few days.

We have been to the store for all the necessities like water, cookies, medicine, and bread. I have hauled in some firewood, although I should probably bring in more. The blankets are all easily accessible. My biggest problem now is what am I going to do to NOT LOSE MY MIND?!?!? Any suggestions??

Did I mention my husband is gone again? Yeah!

I think I'll look online for houses in Florida! =)

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