Tuesday, July 20, 2010

25 Random Things About Me

I was recently tagged on Facebook to do one of those 25 Random Things posts. I thought it would be fun to share on here too, since I don't have anything else to write about today. =)

Here goes.

1. Everything about me seems to be random, so this shouldn't be too hard.
2. I love to look at catalogs. Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware are my favorites. I like to find looks I like and then recreate them for less.
3. I used to want to be a lawyer--business law.
4. I had my life all mapped out and was on the fast track to getting there when God stepped in and changed my plans. I'm soooo glad He did!
5. I am very clumsy.
6. I use ellipses (...) the wrong way all the time, and yet I cannot stop myself. =)
7. I don't pick on people's vocabulary or use of proper English, except for journalists and news anchors. Then I get really perturbed when they use words incorrectly or pronounce them the wrong way.
8. I have a Wiccan, a Muslim, and a Satanist for neighbors. I need to move.
9. I graduated from high school in 3 years, not 4. Not because I was super intelligent. I hated school and was motivated to get out.
10. I can remember numbers for years. Any kind of number. But ask me the name of the person I just met 30 seconds ago and it's not going to happen.
11. Some girls like shoes, clothes, and makeup. I like paint, trim, and tools.
12. God has blessed me in ways that I could have never imagined. He is AMAZING!
13. I have started noticing several gray hairs lately. How am I old enough to have gray hairs?
14. I prayed for a boy both times I was pregnant because I was afraid of having a girl. I am not so afraid of that anymore.
15. I am a minimalist married to a pack rat. It's fun!
16. I will begin homeschooling Tyler this year. I am excited and nervous.
17. Secretly, I really miss accounting and wish I could find a way to do it from home part-time. {Geek}
18. Missouri is growing on me. It only took 3 years.
19. I am not a fan of cold weather AT ALL.
20. I do not enjoy talking on the phone.
21. Communication is not my strong point.
22. I love giving people gifts.
23. I had never been on a plane before moving to Japan. My first experience was 40 hours long. What a way to break yourself in.
24. I dream of having a house with a big front porch.
25. Between Google and Youtube I can learn to do just about anything.

1 Thoughts from friends:

Rockabilly Hippie said...

in reference to #8, wow! You live in a very diverse neighborhood. I think at most I've ever only had one neighbor at a time that was one of those, but never all three at the same time! I'll bet it can get very entertaining in your neighborhood :-)

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