Thursday, June 03, 2010

Mommy's First "Bouquet"

Yesterday afternoon, my sweet boy picked his mommy a bouquet of "flowers". He spent about 5 minutes gathering as many as he could, then he took great care in making them pretty before giving them to me. He said they were my "getting married flowers" and that we (he and I) were going to get married. =)

It was a real melt your heart moment, and just when I needed it too. God has been so good to give me such sweet little boys. I'm thankful that even though I mess up and often don't deserve their love, they still love me enough to want to "marry" me.

When we came inside, he asked me if I would "put them in a bucket" and keep them. How could I refuse? They will stay there on my counter as a sweet reminder of my little boy's love for his mommy until they wither up.

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