Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Only Picture I Can Share Right Now

My laptop got some kind of nasty virus that wiped out all of my drivers. Two weeks and $200 later, I have my laptop back...but no camera driver. So, I can't download any of my pictures now. I will take it back in to have it fixed again, right after I finish the 3,927,684 other things that are more important than that.

I got this picture in an email yesterday from a lady we met at the beginning of fall at some Harvest Festival I took the boys too. We were on the hayride for the 3rd time and she said we looked like a cute family and asked if she could take our picture. She didn't look like a crazy stalker type, so I let her. *grin* She took my email address and promised to email me the picture. Since that was many weeks ago, I just assumed it wasn't ever coming. But, here we are in all our windblown glory.

Aren't we cute?

1 Thoughts from friends:

Sherry said...

Love the new pic! Y'all look great!

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