Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Foto Fun

Life seems to be busier than ever here at the Lawhon Ranch. We have had two birthdays, a workday, Missions Conference, and two two-week exercises with extended duty hours for hubby in the past month. Add to that the everyday tasks of life, and that doesn't leave much time for meaningful blog posts. I do have a couple of special posts planned for the near future however, one of which is an awesome story about God's provision. Until then, I hope you enjoy some of the pictures from recently.

Howdy Pardner!

He is so stinkin cute!

Messy Marvin


Isn't that precious?

He is getting so big!

Doesn't he look so mischievous here?

Mommy and Jack hanging out in the bathroom at church.

Look at his little "toofers". #8 is on the way.

7 Thoughts from friends:

Nina in Portugal said...

I love those "toofers"!!!

Logan Family said...

What on earth are yall doing in the bathroom? I think jackson has almost as many teeth as noah he only has 12....Joshua is still all gummies at 7 months!

Anonymous said...

Super cute. I like the mischevious one. :)

Christian Mommy Writer said...

These pictures are so cute! I like the picture with the cowboy boots and the one of the two boys sleeping on each other.

Aubrey said...

Goodness! Jackson is getting so big! And all those 'teef'! Love the pic of the two boys...the sweetness of a brotherly bond.

Sherry said...

Soooo cute! :D

Heather said...

So cute!!! I miss visiting with you on here!

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