Thursday, August 20, 2009

Complete Randomness

My life feels like complete randomness right now, so this post should fit right in with that theme. I feel like I'm in a bit of a blog rut right now, which is a bummer. I really enjoy blogging as a way to stay connected with my friends and family, and also a way to meet new people. Frankly, I just haven't had much motivation to be on here much this summer. We have been having a great time with friends and family, enjoying lots of informal fellowshipping and just general summer fun. But alas, whether I like it or not, summer is quickly on its way out and fall is coming. I'm trying to have a good attitude this year (cold weather is NOT my thing). Hopefully I will get back on track with blogging very soon. =)

Today is the one year anniversary of when my step-dad died. I'm sad today. I've had many, many sad days over the past year. Although it is never easy to lose someone you love, his death affected me like I could never have imagined. I still cannot walk through the fabric section at Wal-Mart because that is where I sat and had the last conversation with him that I will ever have on this earth. I know that he is in Heaven rejoicing before the Saviour in his new perfect body, but I still can't help but selfishly wish he were still here with us. His death has reminded me to never take relationships for granted. I believe a loving family is the closest taste of Heaven we will see here on earth.

In other news, our house is still a wreck after the Flood of 2009. Servepro came and did all the clean up and dry out, but told us it would be a month before they could have a crew out to start the repairs. We told them never mind, that we would do it ourselves. Hopefully we will make some serious progress over the weekend. Right now we are living with sub-floors, bare studs, exposed wiring, and nails everywhere. Did I mention that I have a baby and a toddler??

Well, it's almost birthday season here again. Keith's is in September and both boys' are in October. I can't believe my babies are going to be 3 and 1! Wow! I think for their birthday I am going to buy one of those inflatable bouncy houses that we can blow up in the garage this winter. They will need a way to release their energy beside driving me nuts (did I just say that?), so hopefully that will do the trick.

In Tyler and Jackson news, they are both doing great. Tyler is potty-training (oh what fun!) and we will be starting "preschool" when our house gets back in order. He is such a smart little booger, but very strong willed. It should be fun! Jack is 10 months old now and growing like a little weed. He is just a precious little baby, a little on the spoiled side though. He is definitely a momma's boy and rarely goes to anyone else, even when he is happy. It's sweet, but certainly makes cooking and cleaning a challenge. =)

I better get off here and make myself presentable. My hubby is taking me on a date to Home Depot tonight. =)

I'll leave you with some pictures.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven
Ecclesiastes 3:1

4 Thoughts from friends:

jesnicole said...

Hugs to you for missing your loved one. :(

Love the pictures, sweet family!! :)

jesnicole said...

By the way, I just left you this comment, then checked my blog and saw your sweet comment. ;) Thanks, I appreciate it! We were on one another's minds, from a distance. That's comforting. I've had a very hard week, and that means a lot. :)

Sherry said...

Ugh! Praying you can get your house back to normal.

Manuela said...

I am sorry your feel so down. We tried to call you last night to offer our help, but you never answered your phone. Maybs another time when Jason gets off early. Well, hope to see you tonight at church. Love ya.

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