Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thankfulness Tag

I've been tagged to list ten things I am thankful for and then tag five other bloggers. Thanks, Jesnicole!

In no particular order:

10. Lazy days with my hubby. He works so hard and is away from home so much that it is nice to just lay around and be lazy together when we have the chance.

9. Coupons! I love coupons.

8. Veggie Tales. The only way I get housework done sometimes. =)

7. Friends. Real, true, genuine friends. None of that highschool mentality. Who needs the drama?

6. Online Recipe Sites. You don't know how often I search recipe sites for new ideas. Without them, I would have to pay $4 for those little cookbooks that I usually only want one recipe out of.

5. Internet. I love the ease of using the 'net for keeping in touch with friends and family all throughout the world.

4. Walgreens. Do you know how much free stuff you can get from Walgreens each month?? If not, you really should check out this blog.

3. Craigslist. It's like ebay, only free to use. I have sold so much stuff using Craigslist. Just today we sold our old dishwasher on Craigslist.

2. Bloglines. I love being able to keep up with all the blogs I love without having to visit each one to check for updates.

1. God. His goodness is beyond words! Praise Him!

Okay, I now tag:
Shannon (my aunt)
Jenny P

And anyone else who would like to participate. =)

2 Thoughts from friends:

Arlene said...

I love feedreaders and craigslist, too! Only, I switched from bloglines to google reader recently because my bloglines feeds weren't updating -- very frustrating! I'm a happy blog reader again, though. :o)

We just sold our entertainment center and old tv set on craigslist, and last year, we sold our china cabinet -- it's been a life-saver (well, space saver, hehehe).

Sherry said...

I need to get back on Craigslist. It definitely is a wonderful resource.

I love online recipe sites. Which are your faves? Mine are RecipeZaar and All Recipes. :D

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