Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Guess Who's Coming To My House Tomorrow

These beauties!

Monday night my sweet, handsome, hard-working hubby took me to pick them out. Lowe's was having a really good sale and plus we were needing to replace our appliances anyway. We are hoping these will be an asset when we go to sell our house as well.

After spending all that money, our nerves were a little frazzled so hubby took us to DQ for a nice soothing Blizzard to calm us down. =)

7 Thoughts from friends:

Kristi said...

Nothing like a DQ blizzard when your nerves are frazzled.

Is it OK to say I'm jealous over the fridge? Now, hubby took me for a new microwave and oven earlier this year, but I sure would like that fridge. OK, ok, I know that is coveting and I shouldn't do that. But if the only way for me to have a fridge like that were to take yours, I would! lol

Kudos to your hubby.


Nina in Portugal said...

my my...does he treat you like a queen or what?! those are beautiful appliances!!

Harriet said...

You are so lucky! We got a new oven a year ago, it looks like yours. I love it! Now the microwave we bought in 1988 and the fridge we bought in 1990. I really want a new fridge and we will some day!!
Enjoy all your new appliances.

jesnicole said...


Tori said...

Wow, that's one nice little or should I say big Christmas present!

Hmm, like DQ cones, especially the dip cones, yummy!!

Arlene said...

Ooooh, everything is beautiful! I'm sure it will be even prettier when it's all hooked up and working! :o)

Dan & Kate Ambrose said...

Oh nice! That will be a great asset in selling your home! Congrats!

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