Monday, November 17, 2008

Confession Time

It's good to get it all out in the open and confess your shortcomings to the world every once in a while. So here goes:

The only reason I got dressed and cleaned up the house today is because we were having company. Otherwise, I would totally still be in my new comfy PJs being lazy.

So, don't make me be the only one. You got anything you want to confess? (Isn't that last sentence just the best use of the English language you've heard all day?)

1 Thoughts from friends:

Muhala Akamau said...

Yes...I'm at the library, and instead of looking for the books my son asked me to look for, I'm sitting here reading blogs. That, and the fact that I ate way too many candy corns recently. I have no idea why I was craving them!.)

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