Wednesday, July 16, 2008

About the Poll

You may or may not have noticed that I added a "Do you like the name Piper for a girl" poll to my blog. The reason behind it is, whether due to crazy hormones or something else, I keep having a feeling that this baby is going to come out a girl rather than a boy. I felt the same way with Tyler too. So, I decided to try to think of a girl name just in case.

Why Piper? Well, Tyler and I were at McDonald's the other day and there was a little girl named Piper there. She was cute, and I thought the name was kinda cute too. Plus it works with our name criteria, which is: 1st name from the Bible, middle name that ends in "er". Weird, I know. There aren't a lot of girl names out there that end in "er". I think I like Abigail or Hannah for a first name. Keith doesn't like Hannah though, because he said people will think we named her after Hannah M*ntana. I would hope not!

By the way, there's two hints for you about what the name will be if it's a boy. Anybody care to guess? I'll send you a prize if you're right. (It doesn't count if I've already told you the name)

3 Thoughts from friends:

Becky said...

oh darn....I know tho lol....well I will definitely wait to make the bag till baby comes just in case lol....

Wanna get together this week? Justin's gone on that bike trip for a few days...So I'm bored at home!

*Lisa* said...

no fair if other people know the name already! makes me sad!!

Shannon & Tim Bolden said...

I like Hannah. That was my back up name for a girl. I really don't think that people would think about the show. After all, Tyler is too little to be a fan.

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