Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Monday Y'all

This is what happens when a certain very busy little one year old decides to "kiss" the fireplace screen.

Note: This is post-fire. He was in no danger.

5 Thoughts from friends:

HOPE said...

Liz... I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I too sometimes feel I'm writing to nobody...but that's because most don't leave comments. I know you wish they would just for encouragement.
So here I am!
I think you blog is very sweet, humble and honest. I'm anxious to come back and read about your coupon savings!

I also am concerned about your cousin and her baby dying. You know my blog story at this present time is a trial with my baby. I pray that your cousin is okay..and has the peace of God by salvation and trust in his perfect will..even in this death. Please know that my heartfelt prayers will be with her.
Thank you for the b'day wishes also.

Anonymous said...

OMG! i was totally freaked when i glanced at what u first wrote and then saw a pic of ty with what looked almost like burnt lips! my heart sank!
thanks for the drama! lol
love, me

ps Kaylin said what is wrong with tylers 'wips'?

Heather said...

Hahahahahahaaa...that is so funny :)

liz said...

Hope-Thank you so much for the sweet words of encouragement. Also, thank you so much for praying for this family.

Lisa-LOL. No need to panic.

Heather-Some days I wonder how in the world you keep up with all yours. Babies (and kids) are so fun though.

Bubbie said...


You are so wonderful. I thank the Lord everyday that he has blessed me with you as my wife. You are truly my bestfriend. I love you more than you can ever know and miss you so terribly.

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