Sunday, January 13, 2008

Funny Names

I love to name my future kids in my head. To me it's just really fun to think of really cute name combos. There are also a few names that I would never name my kids for one reason or another. For instance, I would never name my daughter Taylor because what if she fell in love and wanted to marry somebody whose last name was Taylor. Other names that I like I could never name my kids simply because they remind me of somebody.

I used to tell my husband that if we had twin girls I wanted to name them Joy Unspeakable and Fulla Glory. We would call them Joy and Glory of course. Also, if we ever had twin boys my husband wants to name them either Mason and Dixon or Hunter and Fisher.

My mom went to school with two girls who had really funny names. One was Mada Stelle and the other was Anita Mann. True story. My friend whose sister used to teach at Hyles-Anderson had a girl in her class once named Turna Round. I also, first hand, know of a lady named Female (pronounced Fe-mall-e). I heard it was because her mother thought the hospital had already named her when they put Female whatever the last name was on the crib at the nursery. I'm not sure if that's true or not though. Keith went to school with a guy whose last name was Hunt. He said he would make his 1st kid's middle name Easter Egg. Don't know if that actually happened or not though.

So what about you. Are there any funny names you've heard of or is there anything you definitely would not name one of your kids?

6 Thoughts from friends:

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

That's funny! There was a teacher in my hometown whose first name was Ima. After she was married, her name became: Ima Hogg. You can imagine how the kids loved that one!

Anonymous said...

had to share this one because it just cracks me up whenever I have to wait on her at the c.u. but we have a lady whose name is
Fancy Moses

Anonymous said...

Is there an underlying message in this blog?

liz said...

Pam-That is pretty bad! Poor lady. There's another name I can add to my list of things to never name a daughter.

Lisa-I know her too!!

Shannon-I wish! But no.

Anonymous said...

Hey please read Jacob's updates if u haven't lately, I am really worried and i don't think he is doing well.... please pray and please share him with anyone u know... I think he, Chad and Amber could all use all of the prayer they could possibly get right now! love u! ~Lisa~

Anonymous said...

i once had a female patient named nellie wilson. what if she met willie nelson?

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