Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Suggestions Please

I want to make some baked goodies for the guys in hubby's shop that are deployed right now. Does anybody have any suggestions? I want something that will ship well and withstand fairly high temperatures. I'm trying to avoid sending just cookies, but I may have to. Anyway, if you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment. :)

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Anonymous said...

Your mom gave us the link last week.We have enjoyed catching up on you all.
When your Uncle Paul was in Turkey I sent him some Chex Mix and he enjoyed that in fact the other guys enjoyed it almost too much. He said that he didn't get very much of it.
I hope this helps.
Hope you get this!

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. I wonder if brownies would make it?? i have been trying to make out my goodie list for this year myself.. oooo magic cookie bars would be good.. if u don't have the recipe email and i will send it to you, chex mix would be awesome! I love that stuff!!
love, me
p.s got my pics yesterday of Tyler, thanks! I'll be posting some soon on my site of Sully.

Anonymous said...

I would go to Martha Stewart's website. You could ask and I am sure she would know what kind of sweets you could make and send. I wonder if you did brownies, cookies or anything that may melt, can you send it in dry ice? You could always check with the shipping stores for ideas on how to send it safely.

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Rice Krispies treats are a possibility. I like the suggestion of Chex Mix too; that sounds good. Maybe peanut brittle. You could throw some candy canes in the box too; they'd probably like that.

better not tell who i am said...

fruit cakes have been known to survive for hundreds of years. if they are not eaten they can be used for doorstops or to fire at the enemy.

Heather said...

ooooo I like the fruitcake suggestion ;)

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