Monday, November 26, 2007

Frugal Storage/Organization Tips

Greetings my fellow Americans. I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We certainly did! We were invited to eat with a family from church and oh, about 25 other people. I thought there was no way we were going to have enough food, but to my surprise there were mounds of leftovers when it was all said and done. Which is the semi-inspiration for this post. What to do with all those leftovers. Here are some inexpensive storage ideas that I have discovered work just as well or better than the $5 containers you can buy at the store.

-Save any suitable food container that has a lid. I love glass containers, but some plastics work well too. (ex. spaghetti sauce jars, baby food jars, mayo jars, peanut butter jars, jelly jars, butter tubs, frosting containers, etc) When the container is empty, just wash it and you have yourself a handy leftover container for free. I love to spray paint the tops black and tie a little ribbon around them. They look so cute you almost forget what they used to be. I use mine for all kinds of things like leftover soups, storing brown and powdered sugar and flax seed, as well as for keeping small amounts of laundry detergent upstairs for when I need to handwash something. This would also be a great way to organize craft or sewing materials.

-I also save some small plastic containers without lids to use as practice cups for Tyler. He is learning to use a regular cup and these are great to have on hand and much cheaper than store bought cups.

I hope somebody out there finds this helpful. :) I'm off to bed now.

Until next time...

2 Thoughts from friends:

HOPE said...

Hi Liz...passing by after visiting pam. Nice to meet you.

Funny...I do the very same thing. I LOVE containers..and passed this passion onto one of my daughters! :)

When my children were little..I also spray painted the lids black (great affect)and then painted flowers or whatever on the top and added the ribbon. I'd fill them with candy etc. This is fun to do for Soup or cookies in a jar. You can even find cute miniature items to glue to the tops. I did one "get well" jar and covered it with medical print fabric.

I'll have to come back to read more.
Please visit me anytime at watering wells of hope. I pray that you will find a blessing of encouragement.

God bless...

Anonymous said...

good job!

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