Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Honey

Today is my sweet hubby's birthday! In honor of him on his special day we are having pancakes for breakfast and then I will make him his double chocolate birthday cake. Tonight we will be going to his favorite restaurant, which is in no way figure friendly. I'm sure the healthiest thing they have on the menu has about 1000 calories, but that's okay. It's soooooo good and it's his special day.

I love that man, yes I do.

Happy Birthday Honey!!

Oh, here's an interesting tidbit for you. (At least we think it's interesting.) Keith's birthday, my birthday and our anniversary all are on the 1st of the month-September, January, and June

4 Thoughts from friends:

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!! You are just one thoughtful lady...I tell ya. I heard about the loving care packages to Jerusalem :) Praise the Lord for loving thoughtful saints like you. Love you-heather

Cherlyn said...

Just blog-hopping and I wanted to leave a note. :) My family back home is the same way - my sister, my mother, and myself were all born on the 9th (March, April, and August). Funny! :)

Lula said...


I saw your blog from another friend...and just was checking things

Happy late birthday to your husband :-)

I also saw you link to our church...LearntheBible...Do you know folks from there or did you just come upon it?

Lula Ray

nina3 said...

thanks for the comment. I do not know what legal ground she stood on. It just shows how wordly this world is, taht a man can tell people good news.

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