Monday, July 02, 2007


Well y'all, let me just start by saying God has been so good to us! I could never sing his praises enough.

We have been very busy the past few weeks. After we returned from vacation our whole family got sick. Tyler, bless his heart, is still sick!! This left very little time for packing our household goods and getting ready for our move.

This is where it starts getting good. Keith went to the housing office to notify them that we were moving. Guess what?? The military is moving us!! Praise the Lord! Our house is being torn down and they had us scheduled to be moved this month anyway. I can't even tell you what a blessing that was. We were about to pay a moving company $1500 to move us because we just were not going to be able to do it ourselves. So, the movers will be here this Friday to pack us out.

Since our house is being destroyed, we don't have to go through the usual white-glove inspection either. All we have to do is mow, clean the appliances, and rinse out the outside garbage cans.

On the new house end, things are equally wonderful. We bought our house from a LtCol and his wife. They are some of the nicest people we have ever met. They were so down to earth and friendly. They held Tyler and played with him like he was their own. The did so many things that were just above and beyond what they had to. They patched all the nail holes and painted over them, left us an outside storage building that I know is worth at least $ 500, paid to have some minor things repaired that weren't found in the home inspection, etc.

We are very excited about moving. We feel so blessed that God has given us this house. I'm mostly excited because now we can invite people over for dinner. Our house now is way too small for that. We are also praying that now that we have all this extra space, God will bless us with more sweet little babies to fill it.

In other news, Keith is now the #1 guy in his shop so he has been working hard and often late trying to learn all that needs to be done. I went to the doctor last week about some back problems I have been having. I was referred off base for physical therapy and I praying it won't last very long because Keith will have to take off work each time to go with me and watch the baby. I have also been referred off base to a specialist about my fertility issues, so maybe I will have some good news to report concerning that soon.

3 Thoughts from friends:

Becky said...

What a wonderful God he is! That's awesome that they are moving you guys. What a relief that must be. I'll be praying for your little man. We should be in Missouri around the 2nd week of October. We should get our orders this week and we will know for sure. YAY! I can't wait to see you guys! Hugs to you!

Heather said...

PTL!! That is so great that you don't have to pay that $1500-wow. I am very excited about your house!! Lots of pics please :)God is so good. Love you girl-Heather

Angela said...

I pray your move is going well and you are getting settled into your new home. What a blessing! God desires to give His children good things.

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