Thursday, April 19, 2007

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days? Of course you have. Hasn't everybody? Well, I'm having one of those weeks.

Sunday kicked things off. Our whole family was sick so we didn't get to go to church. I hate missing church! We did watch the services from Maranatha from home, but it wasn't the same.

Hubby is on extended shifts this week which is never fun, or easy. My husband is one of those go in early, stay late kind of guys anyway. So, Tuesday he was supposed to get off around 7:00 but at 8:30 I still hadn't heard from him. He finally called at about 9:20 just as I had put the baby to sleep. He needed me to come pick him up. So, I did. We got back home at around 10:00 and the little man got so excited about Daddy being home that he wouldn't go back to sleep. He finally fell asleep about midnight.

Yesterday is when things got really fun! I was a little behind schedule in the morning because of the late night we had. No big deal, right? It was just me and Tyler and we had no plans for the day. Well, all is fine until about 10:00 when I heard a knock at the door. Not good! I was dressed (or rather not dressed) in such a way that I wouldn't have opened the door if it had been a family member. But I knew who it was-the only person who has ever knocked on my door since we've lived here, the mailman. I panicked. My front door is glass so there was no way I could run grab something to cover up with. I decided I would ignore him and hoped he would come back tomorrow. I'm sure that would have worked if he hadn't had plain sight of Tyler happily jumping in his Jumperoo. He knocked and knocked and knocked. And then he pounded. And then he started trying to kick the door open. I knew why, he was worried about the baby. And I knew he wasn't going away. Finally he turned to go back to his truck to get his cell phone. He was going to call the police. I ran and grabbed a robe, ran to the door, and as soon as I opened it he realized what happened and started laughing at me. At the time, I really didn't see any humor in the situation. But, I guess he was just relieved that the baby and I were both ok. I was so embarrassed!

About an hour later I went to check my email and let the little one crawl around with his toys. All was going well until I heard a *thud* and looked down to see that my precious baby had just given himself a nice big black eye on the edge of the desk. Lovely!!

I called my mom almost in tears at this point and told her about all the excitement. In an attempt to make me feel better she told me a story about having to answer the door while she was trying to dye her hair. Funny, but I still think my story is better. :)

And for a not-so-perfect ending to a not-so-perfect day, the Little Man decided he didn't want to go to sleep until 2:14 this morning!

I could really use a nice trip to Starbucks right now! Extra tall, extra strong, and extra fattening please. Mommy needs it.

Hope y'all are having a good one!

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Becky said...

Wow I feel for you girl! I have had plenty of days like that. We should know by June 10th where we are headed so we're praying and keeping our fingers crossed! Take care~!

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