Friday, February 16, 2007

Another Proud Mama Post

6 Thoughts from friends:

Anonymous said...

Look at how sweet that baby is!!! I can't wait to see him again!!
Love Lisa

Anonymous said...

Could he be any cuter? By the way, are you from Crossville? One of my very best friends lives there!

Heather said...

Love love love the pics!! I want to just squish him he is sooooo cute!

Sherri said...

Hi there!

I just saw your comment on my sister's blog, and couldn't help but notice that we have much in common! I also am a great fan of "Created To Be His Helpmeet", and all five of my children have been trained using the Pearl approach (mostly). It's so nice to meet you! Feel free to visit my blog any time.

Sherri from Montana

P.S. We really enjoyed your Houdini Baby post! LOL

Sherri said...

I forgot....In order to see my blog, you'll have to click on the link on my sister's blog at Thanks.

Liz said...

Thanks ladies. Aren't babies just the cutest, squishiest, most lovely little things on earth?

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