Thursday, May 05, 2011

Guess Who?

Somebody is 2 weeks old today. Can you guess who it is?

So far in the past 2 weeks we have learned the following about our Baby Cole:

-every night at 10:30 is his fussy time

- he still has his days and nights mixed up

- not a big fan of his car seat

- loves his brothers

- can projectile vomit like none other

- super duper sweet and cuddly

In the past two weeks, Baby Cole has learned the following about us:

- Mommy is the milk lady

- We are all loud and crazy

4 Thoughts from friends:

janice said...

What a sweet little guy! Many blessings to Cole and his loving family.

From Beautiful and sunny Anchorage home of JBER, Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson. We love our military and pray for their safety. Our church family has lots of military and former military - we give thanks and honor them and their service.

Logan Family said...

AAWww I love him!

Anonymous said...

We need NEW baby pictures.

Manuela said...

Another beautiful little boy. Miss you, my friend.

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