Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pictures, Video, and Birth Story

On Thursday morning, I woke up feeling like every other day. I was already a week overdue and had basically decided that the baby wasn't coming unless I was induced.

I called Keith around 10 to see if he wanted to meet for lunch, and then started getting myself and the boys ready to go. I felt a couple of contractions while I was on the phone with my mom around 10:30, but didn't think much of it. As I was getting ready to load us in the car to leave I noticed that not only had the contractions kept coming, but they were also coming fairly frequently. I called Keith and asked him to just come home instead, I thought I was in labor. He got home about 20 minutes later and there was no doubt I was in labor.

We quickly loaded up the kids and headed toward the hospital where a friend met us and took the boys. We went straight to Labor and Delivery and by the time the lab came to draw my blood and the nurse checked me I was fully dilated but the baby's head was still high. Shortly thereafter my OB arrived and very shortly thereafter Jonathan Cole arrived as well. =)

I will have to say this labor took me by surprise with the fastness and intensity, and I quickly found myself in a lot of pain and panicking. But, ONLY by the grace of God, I was able to quickly and safely deliver our sweet baby boy.

We spent two nights in the hospital, which is 2 more than I would have liked, but we are home now and doing great! He does have elevated billirubin levels (jaundice) and has to go back for lab work tomorrow, but other than that he is doing wonderful and we could not be any happier!

I'm sure there will be many more pictures to come. The boys absolutely love him and ask to have their picture taken with him all the time. =)

3 Thoughts from friends:

Steve Finnell said...

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janice said...

The Lord has blessed you with another handsome son! Blessings to you all in this amazing Easter morning!!!!!!!!!

Logan Family said...

Praise the Lord for a safe delivery! See you didn't need any pitocin! Love when God sends the baby out on His time not the OB Dr.'s! Even if it does catch you by surprise!

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