Monday, October 12, 2009

Some Things I've Learned Recently

-It only takes one raccoon and a hubby on night shift to ruin a perfectly good night of sleep

-Things are 77.23% more likely to break when your husband is not home, than when he is **

-A writing utensil in the hands of a toddler almost certainly spells disaster

-There is at least one place in my house that I have yet to discover, and that is precisely where my camera battery charger is hiding

-I will never be enough for some people

-Garbanzo beans will stick to your ceiling like super glue

-There are some foods I just can't stomach no matter how healthy they are

-I love roadtrips

-Walmart starts playing Christmas music in October

-All good relationships require work

-The thought of flying for 30 hours with 2 small kids is frightening

-I have too much "stuff" in my life

-Good friends are hard to come by

-As much as I try to like cold weather, I just don't

-God is good, all the time!

**competely made up figure =)

4 Thoughts from friends:

Logan Family said...

where on earth did u get that percentage?

liz said...

I made it up. I was just kidding. =)

Anonymous said...


Charlotte said...

FYI, wet cotton balls stick to the ceiling and are very hard to get down without messing up the paint. My 6 yr old really enjoys making boobie traps.

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