Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Little Preggy Update

What? Two blog posts in one day? I'm a blogging fool, what can I say?

I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. It was basically the usual drive the 20 minutes over there, wait 15 minutes to get called back, blood pressure, weight, urine sample, wait 20 minutes for the doctor come in, 2 minutes of actual "baby business" and out the door. She did order a non-stress test this time to check on baby and those nasty contractions I've been having for, oh, a month now. That went well. Baby seemed to be reacting well during the contractions and the good news was that they are actually doing some good. I was 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced...which is more than I was when I went into labor with Boy #1. Woohoo!

I was starting to get excited about all the progress I was making, but now I think I have hit a wall with my optimism. I have reached the "This baby is never going to come out" stage, which is really silly because in my head I know that one way or another he will be here in less than 3 weeks.

Oh, and I guess I'll let the cat out of the bag a little on baby's name. I have been keeping it to myself on purpose because of a bad experience I had while pregnant with Tyler. (That's another story for another day though.) So, brace it comes...the baby's name will be Daniel something. The "something" will be what we actually call him. We had agreed on our boy's name at the beginning of this pregnancy and I was fine with it until a few weeks ago. Now I'm not so sure. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Tyler and we did actually end up changing his name (after he was born) from Tyler Elijah to Samuel Tyler. Also another story for another day. So we shall see with this one. Stick with what we had, or let the hormonal preggo change her mind a dozen times between now and then?

I had to throw this picture in, just for the sake of keeping it real. Y'all, I do not typically have what you would call a petite nose...but this thing looks like it's having triplets! Every time somebody comments on how I'm "all belly" I kinda chuckle. I think at least a pound of it is in my nose too. :)

Well, I'm off to have some bison kabobs for dinner. Doesn't that sound interesting??

7 Thoughts from friends:

Anonymous said...

What a funny blog!! I have laughed at you Wibba tonight. You still have the funny flair!!
I love you,

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the name! Paul liked Elijah when we were picking George's name. My grandfather's name was Edgar Elijah and Paul really liked that name but I wasn't sure. So we ended up with George Franklin Brumley. George after George Paul Brumley who would be your great grandfater Brumley and Franklin after my dad Tom Franklin Kelley.
Loved the new pictures. You look good. We are praying for you and the baby.

Jessica said...

You will make it through I am sure! Not too much longer to go! I hope your delivery is safe and smooth for you! Keeping you in my prayers! HUGS!

Kimberly said...

Hello my beautiful friend. You will be back to your wonderful small self in no time. I wish I could bounce back so great! Pray you are doing well and that this last bit will go by fast and safe. Love ya!

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Sorry I haven't commented much lately, Liz... I have been reading, and praying for you!
Hope you don't get too sick of this last stage of pregnancy!
You're so funny about the whole name thing. I don't remember going through that with mine. I'm anxious to hear what you finally settle on!
I'll keep praying :)

Becky said...

Love those pics in post below.... He's getting so well as Blayne too lol.... I will be praying for you and the healthy baby.... So the name is it the one u told me or have u changed it? I'd like to make a diaper bag if possible with the name on it....Let me know if there's specific colors or anything....

Pastor Coon said...

Praying for your pregancy and thinking of guys often!! We miss you all! Let us when you are coming t Tennessee and we'll meet you there or here or half way between.

PS. Tell your hubby "Hey, from Martin!"

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