Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pix of Visiting the Coon Family

My first time on the subway. Very exciting!!
Me and James. It was his 13th birthday.

Elisabeth and Tyler. Neither is quite sure what to think of the other yet.
Kimberly, Elisabeth and me

The kids at a covered bridge we found in New Hampshire

A private beach in New Hampshire. We didn't know it was private until later. Sorry...

Tyler loved James!! I thought I was going to have to bring him back with me.

The kids in the covered bridge

A quick recap of our visit.
Saturday: Arrived. Ate dinner. Went home and relaxed.
Sunday: Church. Lunch at a wonderful restaurant at a maple farm in New Hampshire. Home for naps. Church again.
Monday:Martin worked, so Kimberly, the kids and I went exploring.
Tuesday: Back to the airport
We had such a great time. Boston was a beautiful city! We can't wait to go back again.

4 Thoughts from friends:

Becky said...

They are all getting so big. Elizabeth is so pretty I can't believe she's that big already. I am glad you had fun.

Pam said...

It sounds like you had a great time! I can't believe how much Elizabeth has grown. I'm sure The whole Coon family enjoyed having you there.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Daniel and I love Boston! We go there whenever we are able - it's only about 3 hours from us, but 3 hours can seem like eternity at times when you have 2 small children!

Their billeting is pretty much the worst we've ever stayed in but it works, nice Commissary though!

Glad you had a nice time in New Hampshire! It's a beautiful state, though not quite as beautiful as Vermont ;)

Your little boy is SO cute! He looks like such a happy little guy.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family! I'm happy you were able to visit them.
Love and kisses,

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