Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Be Careful Out There

I was blog surfing the other day when I ran across a couple of blogs that I really enjoyed. They seemed to be full of useful information on homemaking, cooking, cleaning, frugality, etc. I really enjoy blogs like these because these are areas that I want to improve at. So for about a week or so I would check in with these blogs. A few days ago when Tyler was taking an extended nap, I decided to read a little deeper into these blogs. What I found was pretty disturbing. These women (2 in particular), were presenting (pushing) some false teachings in a very bossy, condescending and yet very educated (sounding) way. There was much controversy going on in the comments of these posts. Women with questions or concerns were treated as purely stupid for not "knowing".

I am so glad that I am saved and not still seeking the truth amidst all the doctrines out there, by which Satan seeks to confuse us to the point of giving up.

So, I think my blog surfing days are over with for a while. I'll stick to what I know. Most people who read my blog are either (a) not going to go blog surfing anyway, or (b) too smart to get caught up in that stuff anyway. But, alas, I share my word of warning with you anyway. Remember, the evil one comes disguised as good.

In other news-Retired USMC Col. J. Tyler Ryberg will be speaking at our church tonight about the Biblical Truths About Fighting the War on Terrorism. Should be good. I will be in the nursery tonight, so I will have to watch it on the 'net tomorrow. If your interested in checking it out, you can by visiting the "Sermons" section on the website

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