Monday, October 30, 2006

3 1/2 Weeks

Pretty Baby

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Lois Thurston said...

Hello Lawhon family!

Keith - you probably only vaguely remember me but we lived with you and your mom and dad back in 1983 for about 3 months. I'm your step-dad's niece, Lois Thurston. I, Lonnie, Andrew, and Laurie stayed with you guys back in 1983 when we moved back to Tennessee. I'll bet you remember now.

Uncle Jim sent me the photos of the new baby. He's precious and so cute! I know you must be thrilled. I've never met your wife, but she sounds very sweet.

I just became a grandma last week. Andrew and his wife Jennifer had a baby girl last Thursday. She was 7 lbs. 5 oz. They named her Jordan Kylie.

Lonnie works out of town and is back home every 4 weeks or so. He oversees construction remodels for strip mall offices all over the US. I still work at the Lab in Oak Ridge. Andrew works for NAPA in Clinton, and Laurie is married (no kids for them!) and lives in Oakdale and works for a Dr's office.

Just wanted to catch you up. I hope you enjoy your new home in Missouri and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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